Quality Weighbridge & Scale Suppliers in South Africa and beyond. Since 1972, Richter Scale has been a trusted premier manufacturer and supplier of industrial weighing systems throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

What We Do
Platform Scales

Heavy duty platform/bench scales with removable pole, stainless pan and pole brackets: 3kg - 600kg / 300mm x 300mm ~ 600mm x 800mm various platform size options available.

Loadcell Range

Official sole agent of Zemic loadcells. We hold the largest stock of Zemic loadcells & accessories in Southern Africa including substitutes for many other popular international load cell brands. All with factory warranties.

Floor & Pallet Scales

Heavy duty 4/6 loadcell design industrial floor scales: 600kg - 5000kg / 1m x 1m ~ 1.5m x 3m standard platform size options. We also build custom size and capacity scales into any capacity.

Weighbridge Range
Weighbridge Range

Manufactured in SA since 1972 which allows for client specific or custom requirements. We offer a large range of Heavy Duty Weighbridges to suit your needs. Built for Africa conditions. NRCS approved for Trade and available in various sizes & capacities.

onboard truck weighing
Onboard Truck Weighing

Avoid unwanted traffic fines for overloading or the dreaded under loading which costs you money due to under-utilised loading capacity. We have a solution for trucks with air suspension that is both easy to install & affordable. 3 yr warranty. Made in the USA.

loadcell accessories
Loadcell Accessories

Rod ends to tank mount kits. We offer a wide range of loadcell accessories in various materials and mounting options.

Forklift Weighing

Onboard clip on forklift solution with accurate results comparable to a floor scale. Take the scale to the product. Saves time and money. Drive over forklift scales / mini weighbridges also available and proudly made in SA.

Container Weighing

Official agents for the Bison range of C Jack and C Lift technology. Weigh grounded or on truck shipping containers. NRCS type approved and recognised for SOLAS Method 1 weighing.

Counting Scale Range

A wide range of counting scales available. Speed up your stock take and packaging time with accurate results.

Axle Weighing

Various axle weighing options and technologies available from permanent to portable options.

Indicator Range

Ranging from basic weighing only to indicators with advanced output options. We will have a weighing indicator for your application.

Animal Weighing

Veterinary platform scale for weighing small animals. Our scale design is extremely low profile with a rubber mat to prevent animals from slipping on the scale. Other options also available.

Pallet Weighing

We manufacture custom built pallet wrap scales that match the footprint of your machine. Take the scale to the pallet with our all-in-1 pallet jack scale.

Test Weights

We supply a wide range of test weights including our in house designed and manufactured large test weights which are NRCS approved.

General Scales

A wide range of scales for general use - Ranging from stainless steel portion scales to general use desktop weighing and counting scales


Printing off your weighing results will increase your traceability. We can offer basic information printing and advanced detailed printing options. Printing consumables are also available.

Weigh Bars

If your product varies in size and length then weigh bars are an ideal weighing solution. Spread the beams apart to accommodate the product.

Livestock Scales

Robust cattle, sheep / pig weigh beams available in 2 sizes. Easy to mount with a large and wide footprint for strength and rigidity. The indicator has built in live animal weighing with optional printer and totalizing function.

Custom Built Scales

We can design and fabricate any custom scale or weighing system for your unique needs.

Committed to Quality & Excellence

We are an NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) and SANAS (South African National Accreditation System) accredited body for verification and repair to unlimited capacity. Our products carry the NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) stamp of quality and excellence, giving you the confidence that you will get a product that meets a standard of quality and reliability that you can trust. Our accreditation enables us to calibrate and verify weighing equipment in line with international standards. Just one more way we strive to offer the full solution to your needs.

Container Weighing

For Weighing Grounded Containers

Fast, smart, portable and accurate, BISON C-Jacks are robust industrial scales for weighing grounded shipping containers. Capable of weighing all ISO container types, sizes and weights up to 35,000kg, with BISON C-Jacks you can weigh containers simply and efficiently and communicate a reliable VGM at the earliest opportunity. View Here

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Legal Metrology Accredited

We are an NRCS and SANAS accredited Verification body and Repair body under the Legal Metrology Act and Legal Metrology Regulations. Our products are type approved for trade use / prescribed purpose and thus carry the NRCS stamp of quality and excellence, giving you the confidence that you will get a product that meets a standard of quality and reliability which is traceable to international metrology and quality standards.


A Wide Range Of Loadcell Models Are Available  Ex Stock

Need a loadcell replacement?  We have a direct loadcell substitute.

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